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Some of my mentoring philosophy is coming from my advisor. It works well between me and him and I hope it will work out on us. Generally, I am looking for students that are self-motivated, love to explore new things and love to code their findings into real systems. The ideal mentoring in my mind should be interactive. I can help you from what I know and you can expand me from what you know. I believe a good teacher should learn from his students and a good student should teach his advisors.

What are we looking for?

We welcome students with a diverse background even if your formative education does not involve extensive programming. We welcome students from areas such as physics, math, automation to apply our program. It would be helpful if you are experienced in one or multiple of the following skills:

  • Solid programming skills (Python, C++)
  • Computer systems (e.g., computer architecture basics, FPGA experiences, compiler techniques, programming language design)
  • Robotic applications (e.g., localization, planning and control)
  • Computer vision (deep learning, reinforcement learning, foundation model)
  • Engineering math (Signal processing, dynamic systems, sparsity and compression, matrix method, optimizatio)

I encourage you to go over our research interests and send me an email. I encourage you to explain why your interests align with ours and how you can contribute.